Sunday, June 17, 2012

Extreme Disappointment - Museum of Science

The Museum of Science in Boston, technically Cambridge, has always been one of my favorite places here - been there dozens of times and never grew tired of it. Today, hanging with my kid for father's day, I thought her and I could go. One of my favorite perks of being a teacher is that my MTA union card gets me free admission and my daughter really surprised me by saying, "I am going to pay for myself Dad, it is Father's day." Not sure where she got the $12 to pay her admission but the heck with it, it's father's day and I am not asking questions - just hanging with my daughter!

So we get to line and go for her ticket, I flash my Union card and the woman says, "Just the one then?" "Yes", "That'll be $22 please." "$22?", last time I was here it was $12, that was about a year and a half ago." The rest of the conversation is irrelevant but it's ridiculous that admission has risen by so much, so fast and there are additional fees for some of the exhibits inside - it's ridiculous and no longer affordable and unless I get library passes, I will never go again.

As dejected as I was about the immense hike in admission, I wasn't dealt the killer blow yet. We get to the gate, my daughter flashes her ticket and gets scanned, then I flash my union card and hear this, "We no longer provide free admission to teachers, you'll have to buy a ticket." Livid was I, pissed as yell, I raised a small stink but then just paid and went in and had fun with my daughter, I didn't want this stupidity on their part to ruin my time with my kid so we went in and had a blast.

You know, I understand that is costs money to upkeep the place and to run the thing, but to raise the admission fee by more than 83% in one shot is unacceptable and I will write to the management and to as many local legislators that will listen. It's bad enough that the first damn thing to get cut from local budgets is the library but this too? Doesn't education mean anything to anyone anymore?

I need to be more on top of reserving the library passes which allow up to 4 people in for $7 each.

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SM said...

I'm not a fan of the nickel &'diming bullshit, either. One price should cover it all.