Saturday, June 02, 2012

Hanging With the Road Dawgs - The Words

Yesterday's post served a number of purposes. I was hanging at a local pub to catch a set or two by the "Road Dawgs", a local cover band and the post features several photos of the band. I also found out that there is a Blogger app for Android and the post served as a test for how that app works.

The Road Dawgs have been playing out since 2009 but I only learned of them a few months ago when my friend Meghan joined as singer. last night was particularly fun because for the first half of the gig, my friend Mark (who happens to be Meghan's husband) was there and him and I split our time watching the band and the Celtics.

While I didn't think I'd be staying as long as I did, I was there for all three sets, danced a little, swung the tambourine a bit and just had some good old fashioned fun; there's nothing quite like live music to help heal the side effects of the daily grind.

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