Saturday, June 16, 2012


Next Sunday, I'll be flying to the state of Illinois. It will be my first time in that state except for the one time in the eighties when I had a layover at O'Hare but I never left the airport. I've always wanted to visit Chicago, ever since the first time I saw Wrigley Field on TV as a little kid. I've heard so much about that city and since I booked the trip and mentioned to people I am going there, I have heard all sorts of things I "must do".

I have two friends that I plan to visit. Stephanie, who used to live in Brooklyn. I met Stephanie through my friend Rob and the first time I met her was at a Cheap trick concert at L'Amour in Brooklyn. When Stephanie left for Chicago, jeez, around two decades ago or so, I gave her a copy of Cheap Trick's Greatest Hits as a going away present. Then, there is Tori, whom I have known since I started blogging. Tori and I met through blogging and have become friends over these last seven or eight years but have never met; I am very much looking forward to meeting her in person.

On the list of possible to do's:
  • Wrigley Field
  • Rick Bayless' restaurant
  • Lincoln Park Zoo
  • Blue Man Group
Of course, who the heck knows what exactly I am going to see or do? I'm going to wing it. There's a real good change I'll go out of my way to see Wrigley and eat at Rick Bayless' restaurant but the rest is up in the air and I can't wait.

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