Monday, June 11, 2012

A Political Rant

I try not to touch on politics too often here but I need to make a commentary on the presidential campaign. First, the disclosure, I am a registered democrat. Regarding social policies, I am very far to the left as far as economic policies - left of center.

That being said I am about to make a radical statement but one that does not come without forethought. "If you are even considering a vote for Mitt Romney, then you have no business having the right to vote." Clearly, this is my personal opinion which may or not be shared by others.

The root of the statement stems from me being a survivor of his four year debacle as Governor of MA; the guy admittedly inherited a shit short by his successors: Jane Swift, Paul Celucci and Bill Weld - however, Romney did his fair share of fuck things up for the largest percent of the population.

Under Romney's rule there was not a single say, not one moment where my job, as a state employee in Higher Education, was not on the brink of retrenchment. Not one second did me or any of my colleagues in higher ed have a moment where we weren't under the stress of wondering if each day at work would be our last. Aside from that, woman were not encouraged to be in charge of their vaginas, the local economy was in a constant state of panic and only the extremely wealthy and the Mormons had nothing to worry about.

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