Wednesday, June 06, 2012

A Ponder

I sometimes question if this life serves any purpose, so often things make so little sense. Then, sometimes you hear a story where it would it would seem to be impossible that there is a human anywhere that couldn't be compassionate.

Everyone has a story, some are compelling and some are not. There are tragedies that seem unbearable and somehow people find their way through and then there are some who never recover, often and even deeper tragedy. There are stories of overcoming obstacles that seem insurmountable and one couldn't possibly not be inspired and then, there are stories that deflate all hope in human kind.

This is a very difficult time we live in and it would be easy to only see the dark and the negative. May I suggest to find inspiration in something and hang on hard to it. Continue to hope. Believe in someone and something and never give up.

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