Friday, June 15, 2012

Stolen Post

I Googled a line from a Woody Allen film and came across someones blog post from 2005 that included it, along with other things that I thought were interesting so I am literally stealing this post and bringing it here (below), them I will make edits in red where I wish to express my own interjections.

“It's a travesty of a mockery of a sham of a mockery of a travesty of two mockeries of a sham.”

Obviously, this is the line I was in search of. Funny like heck, especially hearing Woody recite it.

The Movie: Bananas, 1971 (Woody Allen and Mickey Rose, screenwriters; Woody Allen, dir.)
Who says it: Former consumer products tester, rebel leader and banana dictator Fielding Mellish (Woody Allen)
The context: Mellish, acting as his own attorney, describes his trial on charges of treason.
How to use it: In righteous indignation.

Thanks to my brother Ed for reminding me of this quotation, which I'd pulled to use last summer, but never got to. Anyway, this is my last comment on Terri Schiavo, may she rest in peace. For the record, I don't consider food and water (or, as the doctors say, "nutrition and hydration") to be artificial life support. I'm signing a document that says not to keep me on a respirator, but for God's sake, don't let me starve to death. 

I wrote a post about Terry Schiavo. Wanna read it? CLICK HERE.

By popular demand, today's entry is another list -- this one of things I like that no one else does, which was a much more difficult list than the earlier two. 

Ten Unpopular Things I Like Anyway

1. Parsnips. (Here's a great tip, make potato pancakes but use a combination of regular potatoes, sweet potatoes and parsnips.)
2. Beets.
3. Those orange circus peanuts that feel like pencil erasers. I can only eat one or two before I feel sick, but that first one is always an adventure. (I've always insisted there's a hint of banana flavor in these odd candies.)
4. John McEnroe's talk show, now sadly gone. I was the only one in America who watched it, and they couldn't keep producing it just for me. (I never saw this show but have been entertained by McEnroe.)
5. The second season of "Twin Peaks." (I was not into that show.)
6. The later works of Donny Osmond -- in particular, "This is the Moment," a CD of show tunes he put out a few years ago. I'm not kidding about this. (Not for me to judge, I did enjoy him more recently on Dancing With the Stars.)
7. The smell of chlorine. It reminds me of childhood summers. (While I can't say that I like the smell, it does have nostalgic undertones.)
8. Spinach in anything.
9. Flight delays. No, really -- I get a lot of reading done, I've met some very interesting people in airports, and in the days before wireless Internet and cell phones, time in airports and planes was the only time I was completely inaccessible. (Now, I will judge. I hate flight delays.)
10. Giving blood. Of course I don't like needles, but there's something really fascinating about watching my own blood slither down a tube and into that clear plastic bag. 

And that's enough over-sharing for one day

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