Sunday, June 10, 2012

Stood Up by a 92 Year Old

There's a guy in church who brings his 92 year old mother every week. last Sunday, Obie (the 92 yr. old mom) said to me, "I won't be here next week because David (the son) and Sandy (his wife) are going to be away - I don't get to come to church when they are away."

I said to her, if you want to come to church, I can pick you up and bring you back home. She smiles and said, "Oh, really?" Then, she asked for my home number, I gave it to her and that was that.

This morning, I went to pick up my daughter from her mom's to get her to church school then left church to pick up Obie at the assisted living facility where she resides. No sign of her waiting outside so I stepped into the lobby and no apparent sign of her so I asked the lady at the front desk if she has seen her this morning. "No, I can call her room, what's your name?" I told her my name and the reason I was there, she called up and told Obie I was there to pick her up for church and Obie's reply was, "I'm not going this morning, I would have called."

LOL - I giggled out loud, left, and made my way.

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