Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Tourism before the Tourism

I've been trying g to find some ideas for things to bring with be to Chicago, regional things - as little gifts for some of the folks I'll be seeing. It's hard finding that stuff here in the burbs so I trekked into Beantown last night and played the role of a tourist in Faneuill Hall.

I was a bit set back when it seems people were prepping to close. I arrived at 8 and as it turns out, closing time is 9, I then got to shuffling around quickly in search of swag and ended up grabbing some T-shirts and a few ideas for creating T-shirts.

My vacation officially began after work today, I have Friday off and will sleep without an alarm and in the late afternoon will make my way to the Mohegan Sun casino in Uncasville, Ct. I have no desire to gamble or even step foot on tribal ground but two very dear friends, Jenn and Steve are playing with Vertical Horizon and I want to see my friends.

While I already dread the drive back from Uncasville (about 90 minutes), that will happen and I will take Saturday to assess my travel needs, pack and hit the sack as early as possible in preparation for a 6:25 am flight on Sunday Morning.

I have guests coming into town staying at my house for the days I am away which will be nice for Oliver to have some company :)

Finally, today was the day I finally cracked down and turned on the central A/C. Yesterday was pretty awful but the evening was bearable, tonight would have been murder - when I got home from work, my upper level was 91 degrees! As I type this, it's down to 80, still warn but better and only because the A/C has been on for a mere 4 hours or so.

That's all for now.

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