Monday, June 18, 2012


I had some discussion with a few colleagues about my experience at the Museum of Science yesterday. I began to equate he cost shifting in things such as museums and the cutting of library hours to fancying education to the elite, as they often do in third world countries. One colleague made a good point that I wouldn't have thought - makes sense but is equally tragic, that these museums are gearing their target markets to tourists, not locals. Tourists tend to care less about cost while away - how sad this is to me.

It's been four months since my implant was placed in my lower jaw and that means it's time to get the tooth that goes along with it. I had an appointment this afternoon at 4:30. Now I have to drive an hour to get there, pay to park then drive an hour home - I make this concession because the fees at the Dental University are significantly less expensive, but it is a hassle, and I expect if I am making that trip, something is going to get accomplished. I get in there, the dentist takes a quick peek then says he needs a faculty member to sign off on the paperwork to order the materials and then they will call for the appointment to fabricate the tooth. They did nothing! I waited around for about 40 minutes then was sent on my way with a "we'll call you soon for the appointment." Bummer! However, it did get me close enough to one of my favorite middle eastern food joints near Northeastern University - so I had dinner there (a Lamb Shawarma sandwich).

I've been soliciting recommendations for the best Deep Dish and the best Hot dog in Chicago, feel free to offer input - I'll be flying in this coming Sunday!

Heading down to Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, CT. to see Jenn and Steve play with Vertical Horizon on Friday evening.

That's it for now.


SM said...

When I'm a tourist, I hate getting ripped off for the sake of being a tourist. I wish places wouldn't do things like that. It may get someone once, but to alienate repeat customers is a bad business plan.

I'll have to try & remember the place I got delicious Chicago style pizza when i was up there. They had good cannoli, too. Have fun! Jealous that you get to meet Tori!

Chris said...

SM-I hear ya - Amen to that! I am so psyched to meet Tori!!! Planning on lots of fun :)