Friday, June 22, 2012

Vacation Day One - Summer 2012

With no alarm to force me awake and the A/C beginning to make progress on cooling off the house, I went to bed last night with less on my mind about the grind and more about plotting out the next few days and onto my destination in the state of Illinois.

It was 7:30 or thereabouts when I first awoke and realized I could make the choice to cozy up a bit longer; and so I did, until 9. While I normally don't consume any calories before a workout, the fact it was four hours later than my normal wake up time, I did indulge in a protein bar before preparing for my workout, which today had me on the Total Gym. I've also added this new thing to my every day routing where I go for a good stretch on the inversion table and also do crunches from a position where I am hanging completely upside down. I've learned that doing these crunches makes me fell like I want to vomit so naturally, I've continued to do them.

I thought many times about going out and doing something in the late morning but I had to do some laundry and grade some student work so I kept busy inside knowing I'd be heading down to Mohegan Sun later in the afternoon to see Jenn and Steve along with Vertical Horizon.

I did finally "break ground" an recorded the first part of the intro for the next music podcast series based on a CD I made for my brother back in 2000 called, "Only God Knows Why: the Legend of Johnny Kool".

I should have done this sooner, though I did personally, but I wanted to publicly offer my condolences to my old college friend Suzanne on the passing of her mother. Suzanne and her husband Bruce were amongst my closest friends during my college years and I am so glad that we remain friends all these years later.

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