Monday, July 09, 2012

Airport Shit/Check In from Nola

I love being places but rarely do I enjoy getting there; it’s even worse since the advent of the TSA. I once told a story here of a time while traveling where I forgot the whole shoes off thing and wore my boat shoes without socks to the airport and as a result was brought to a point of near paralysis at the thought of having to actually be barefoot on the floor of the airport. While this is sadly not an over dramatization, I question if there is something wrong with me as even to this day, people seem to have no problem at all just flip-flopping it and barefooting through security as if the floors were made from some industrial germ-free surface.
I don’t consider myself a major germophobe but the whole barefoot thing for me is tough, not just at the airport, any public place. Am I totally nuts? Should I seek some sort of cure? Perhaps I should try not to focus on other feet passing through the checkpoint and simply be sure to be with socks at airports?
As an aside, but related to airports, don’t you think that there should be a sign before the TSA checkpoint that makes you aware of all food/drink/things you can purchase available beyond the checkpoint? I was rattled a bit when I got to the airport a ridiculous two hours early, passed through TSA, and found there was only a mini-Hudson News stand and a crappy coffee shack that only had an ages old decanter of no longer even lukewarm coffee.
I got this dark idea while waiting in the airport that I like to refer to as “Travel Coma”. Haven’t quite developed it yet but it would be a service that people can be placed into a coma like state through the entire travel process and revived at the destination. I know this is super silly but my imagination ran wild for a bit.
As I write this, it’s Monday evening and I am sitting in my hotel in New Orleans. Conference business begins tomorrow afternoon so tonight I will be having dinner with an old friend from Brooklyn that grew up right across the alley way (which may not make sense to some people, so just make believe I said across the street and your distance perception should be close). The only other time I’ve been to New Orleans was last November to attend her wedding.

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