Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Back In Time

The more I think about it, the more I am convinced that if I had the choice to rid the world of one single technology, that it would be cell phones. I am certain we are a less civilized society as a result of current cell phone technology and as much as I am attached to mine, and as useful and convenient as they can be, I think the world is way worse off since they became commonplace.

I wonder if humans will eventually (d)evolve to the point where are heads are pointed downward by default?

How many deaths and life altering injuries need to happen before the boneheads who still text and drive will stop?

Give me a pocket full of dimes and a street corner pay phone any day.


SM said...

I was JUST saying this the other day when I was talking about how my nieces were always checking their phones. Then the other day, my brother told me how my niece fell & almost broke her leg because she wasn't paying attention as she was walking but, rather, texting. He's worried that she texts & drives even though she swears she doesn't. He always does an audit of her phone (through the online access so she can't fudge or delete anything) so, so far she's telling the truth but still. It just takes that one time.

People put so much weight in their phones and facebook friends that they have today and forget the real world around them. I was guilty of that 5 years ago and because of that, I'm even more cognizant of it today.

Chris said...

SM - I appreciate that you shared this response will all who might read this - helps to drive home the point.