Saturday, July 07, 2012

The Good, The Bad, The Saturday Lowdown

On Thursday, I received a piece of mail that was as special if not more than any other piece of mail I have ever received.

In the grand scheme of things, I was extremely unproductive today.

Yesterday, I made soup using the Vitamix for the first time, a cauliflower soup - came out pretty good.

Next time I bring my car in for service, they are going to try to tell me it's time to change the air filter an in-cabin air filter and attempt to weasel somewhere around $150 out of me for both. Ha! I replaced them myself today for about $30.

I met a 3 month old standard poodle today that was so darn cute and friendly. he came over to me, started to lick my face then hopped up with his paws on my cute.

I must use the eggplant that sits in my fridge tomorrow as it will not last the week while I am away.

Gotta pack tomorrow, which means I also need to launder a few things, which means I am tired right now, whcih means, I should end this here and get to bed, which means, I should say goodbye for now.

Goodbye for now!

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