Sunday, July 15, 2012

Haiku Coma (poetry from 40,000 feet)

I was in a headphone trance on the flight back. JetBlue has the nice little TV screen with TV and music channels to occupy (distract) the brain cells while napping, sipping on a beverage or snacking - doing anything to neglect the discomfort of being trapped with dozens of other people in a tubular sardine can at 40,000 feet in the air.

There was a point in the flight where I pulled off the headphones, reached for my bag, grabbed a pen and whatever I had that resembled paper (the back of my boarding pass from the flight into New Orleans) and started thinking, tapping writing and then some cyclical version of that until I was through (I just seemed to know when that time was).

Next thing I knew, I had eight haiku poems written and today, I share them here with you (in the order in which they were written):

High above the clouds
alone with my thoughts of you
I wish you were here

In the Big Easy
haunted by the mystery
What are you thinking?

Sun breaks through the clouds
do you feel the same as I?
Can you feel the warmth?

A new perspective
a chance to feel, to be loved
take that chance with me

After I wrote the fifth one, which mentions winter, I got the idea to cover all four season; this was the only premeditation involved in writing any of these, the rest simply flowed from the source of inspiration.

Dreaming of winter
finding warmth close to my heart
finding warmth in you

It's springtime again
spring hopes eternal once more
may hope become real

The Summer sun shines
the warmth fills my heart with love
my love is for you

Autumn of my years
don't let this fall be the same
let love find a way

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