Saturday, July 28, 2012

Haiku from a Parking Lot

I was meeting my friend and former colleague Wayne for dinner last night and I arrived a little early. While waiting, I was listening to some podcasts in the car and was observing the clouds and the sky in general thinking a lot about the weather and how it affects mood, brain chemistry and how sometimes it reflects emotion and thoughts. Sometimes weather can be inspiring, even when it's not good weather. We know that at some point, the weather will be good again and this gives us reason to be hopeful and that often, patience and hope are rewarded.

Anyway, I grabbed a piece of scrap paper and a pen and this came to me first:

haunted by the blues
thinking about me and you
you are my sunshine

After I wrote that, I took my pen from the page and looked back out the window and there was a flurry of dark clouds rolling past that seemed to mean business. Funny how we sometimes allow the weather to dictate how we live our life. Obviously there are extreme weather conditions that require us to take very specific actions - which of course does say something about weather.

When I saw these clouds rolling by, all I could really think about was the sunshine. Where was the sunshine? I knew that somewhere behind those clouds, the sun is still in it's place. The light of the sun may not be visible, but it doesn't mean it's gone. I placed the pen to paper and wrote the following:

staring at dark clouds
the sunshine hides behind them
let me see the light

When I read this one, it seemed too obvious but after a little thought, I can see behind the words. I can see many possibilities where these words can find interpretation. I happen to seen that there is an important relationship, for me personally that is, between these two poems and after reading them both several times, it's clear to me where my inner thoughts and hopes are revealed in these words.

What I always hope sharing my words will do for those of you who take the time to read them is that you will find something meaningful in them for yourself. Enjoy.

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