Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Happy Birthday Daughter O'Mine

Yesterday was my daughter's 14th birthday. I picked her up after I got off work and she arrived at my house to find a new practice amp for her bass and a new pair of headphones. So we played around with her bass a bit hearing it make actual sound for the first time. She needs to get signed up for lessons at some point but the timing of this summer hasn't been right. Regardless, we had some fun being silly.

We watched some TV together with plans to go to "Angry Ham's Garage" for dinner. She decided to live it up and ordered a NY Strip steak (we shared some calamari for an appetizer) and I was sure to mention to the server that it was her birthday. When the main course was done, out came server and a few others with a candle-lit piece of cake and a bit of a sing-along. If you look at the photo, you can see the woman in the green shirt in the background joining in (as did a number of others).
Here's a picture of the awesome piece of cake they brought her:
Next stop, high school in September.

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