Tuesday, July 10, 2012


My old neighbor from Brooklyn has lived in New Orleans for a number of years and I had the privilege of making my first trip down here last November to attend her wedding. Last evening, her and I had the chance to hang out and catch up on stuff over dinner at a place called "Jacques-Imo's". I wasn't overly fussy about where we ate but did want something regional and preferably, off the beaten path; someplace a local might go to but a tourist could easily miss

Jacques-Imo's delivered in a big way. This is a super cool can't miss destination, despite it not being anywhere near where you would be were you visiting NOLA as a tourist, it's worth the cab ride or whatever means to get there. The vibe is funky, artsy, and just, well, different. The food, was spectacular.

This is a little something called "Shrimp and Alligator Sausage Cheescake" (yes, I said alligator sausage):

None of the photos will do any of these amazing dishes justice as they were shot with an iPhone in a dark restaurant but they are something.

The second appetizer is a southern classic, "Fried Green Tomatoes":
We shared the apps so as to sample two of them. Here is my entree, "Smothered Chicken with Biscuits":
And the sides totally blew me away, I couldn't have picked better ones to complement my entree. Here are Corn Maquechoux and Mixed Southern Greens:

If you find yourself in NOLA, get yourself to this place but be prepared to wait up to two or more hours on a busy night. Fortunately, Monday night of this week was not that busy and only about a 20 minute wait for us and they don't take reservations except for parties of 5 or more, so buddy up!

This morning, Tuesday, I hit the gym at 5:30 and got a nice workout in and right now I am chilling for a little while. Conference action begins this afternoon at around 1:00 for me - catch y'all later.

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