Thursday, July 05, 2012

My July Fourth This Year

I had disable the alarm and planned to sleep in. Considering that I normally rise at 5 am, I would say 7:30 is sleeping in though I did get up originally at 7:30, I went to the bathroom then decided to lay back on the bed and next thing, it was 9:00.

I had a relatively quiet morning, a little TV, a little reading, good old fashioned relaxing. I had planned to hit the outdoors for my exercise today and had a 4-5 mile route in my mind. When it was time to get down to business, I got my necessities together: water, iPod, etc., did some stretching, then set Endomondo and was on my way.

Somewhere mid-route, I got this idea to change things up a bit and extend the route, significantly. While I thought at first it would end up in the 6+ mile range, the end result was around 8.5 miles.

The greatest challenge ended up being the ability to breath as the humidity was near oppressive, so getting proper oxygen into my system was by far the hardest part of the journey.

I took it literally, a step at a time and had plenty of water to stay hydrated and when all was said and done, I was, and still am, proud of the end result (though I wish I had thought more about the prospect of chafing and taken the proper precautions).

When I arrived home, I had a very large protein rich smoothie and rested briefly before a longer than usual shower and some well-deserved reclining time. A day later, the glutes are a bit sore but overall, good!

later in the evening, I found my way to the sports fields in Newton, MA to see fireworks. I managed to find a parking spot, trekked to the fields then walked around a while to check out the grounds, where they set up a carnival with rides, merchants and food vendors. After strolling a bit, I scoped out a good spot to watch the fireworks and happily, my daughter was able to join me. The fireworks were fun, as usual and when they were over, the long slow walk back to the car, followed by a very slow traffic backup leading to a ride home that was at least two times longer time wise than necessary based on distance alone; I chose not to let it spoil the fun of the fireworks and hanging with my kid.

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