Thursday, July 26, 2012

Not Much, But Something

  • On the 5am news, they were talking Tornado warnings - oh, my
  • That kind of extreme weather talk was in and out throughout the day
  • There was an orientation for new Nursing instructors today that I was asked to present information on the Blackboard Learning Management System but the director failed to coordinate time properly - I hate that kind of poor organization and disrespect for my time
  • I attended a training session for a product called "Collaborate", used to facilitate webinar like environments
  • My friend Andy bought me lunch as a thanks for fixing his home computer
  • I had the best time with my daughter as we spent hours laughing and just being silly
  • It's 11pm, no severe weather here (so far), further west and NY, still potential
  • Having dinner tomorrow with a friend and former colleague, Wayne then seeing my friends "The Road Dawgs" perform
  • My daughter and I decided on breakfast for dinner so I made a Jarlsberg omelet - yummy
  • That's about all I have for you today!
  • Oh, part 2 of "Only God Knows Why: The Legend of Johnny Kool" will be available on Saturday

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