Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Quick Update(s)

  • Today was a fairly busy day and that suited me just fine.
  • I ordered my daughters birthday gift (her birthday is July 24th), hopefully it will get here in time.
  • I have part 1 of 3 for the next music podcast series "in the can", work on part 2 to commence no later than this weekend. I'll release part one when part 2 is in the can.
  • What's the deal with all the sneaker spam on Facebook? So odd?
  • Wanna see some pictures?
These T-Shirts were everywhere in NOLA:
They are passionate about their football down there!

This is Sal Khan, the founder of "Khan Academy"

This is fried alligator. No, it doesn't taste like chicken! In fact, it's flavor is pretty non-descript and it's texture is very light (I expected gamey and tough).
I washed this down with a delightful local brew (whose name escapes me).

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