Monday, July 23, 2012


Yesterday I took my daughter to the Van's Warped Tour 2012 in Hartford, Ct. About a week ago, a mother of one of the kids at church asked if she got a ticket for her son, could he tag along with us. Allen's dad and grandmother have been sick and she wanted to give him a break from all of that and a nice day out so I said of course he could come along.

This picture is Allan, Victoria and part of my head (darn front camera know I am talking smack about it and now it being vengeful).
The setup involved many booths, which were tents, all lined up outside the actual amphitheater and interspersed, were about half a dozen stages along with two stages inside the amphitheater. I had one big rule that I told the kids up front, NO SODA or any other drinks except water, and, lots of water. I wanted to protect them from dehydration and soda's and other drinks are chemically designed, via the addition of sodium, to dehydrate the body and increase the desire to drink more of it. In fact, so is Aquafina and several other bottled "so-called" waters. I told them that on the way home, if they really wanted something other than water to drink, we could stop for one - they were both fine with this rule because they understood what I had explained to them and knew I made the rule to protect them.

After the commute, parking and walk from the parking lot, we got inside around 10:45, grabbed a schedule then I let the kids plot out which bands they wanted to see. It was smooth sailing for a while and we all did a good job of staying hydrated and pacing ourselves in the heat. However, I noticed that quite a few people were falling victim and Vickie's face was reddening; as was mine.

We broke for lunch at one point then continued to meander at just before one of the bands that the kids were super jazzed about seeing, we had found some shade trees behind the stage and took a short sit-down in the shade break; where this photo of Vickie and me was taken.

We continued to drift and as the day got later, more and more of the bands they were super excited about seeing were playing. The one my daughter was most jazzed about, "Falling in Reverse", was not scheduled to go on until 7:40 and the deeper into the day we got, the more difficult it was getting to stay around. Around 3pm, we were watching this godawful band "Blood on the Dance Floor", a vile, disgusting, gross band with shitty music and zero morals (I know this sounds stuffy, believe me that I am very open minded, fun-loving and liberal - when I say this band is grotesque, I mean it with the utmost sincerity) and about half way through there set, I felt myself getting sick; I believe from heat exhaustion. I had a really bad headache kicking in, I was nauseous, and started feeling a bit dizzy.

As we began walking away, I actually fell from the dizziness and I told the kids, we needed to go get another water fill-up and that I hated to disappoint them, but there was no way after about 7 hours in the baking sun, that I could wait around 3 more hours for their band to start their set then another hour for them to play - I knew that I would not make it and it was just a health issue. I told them I would take them to a restaurant for dinner and I promised my daughter that if they came around our neck of the words to play a show, I would take her.

They were disappointed but also understanding and off we went. I told the kids that we would drive out of the local town for about 20 minutes, then pull off the road and check Yelp for nearby restaurants; this is what led us to Yukon Jack's Hilltop Grill.

The restaurant was kind of crazy but adequate. The kids were over not seeing their band and were yapping endlessly about everything while we all waited for some kind of burgers and they insisted their Coke's tasted "Root Beer-ish". Before heading back home, we found this odd thing on the grounds and Victoria wanted her photo taken:
And that was our day.

Tomorrow, my "little" girl turns 14. Happy Birthday Victoria - Daddy Loves You!!!

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