Thursday, August 23, 2012

Arachnophobe and Other Stuff

My daughter is not fond of spiders - they make her screech and run fast. She stood at my house on Sunday and minutes after I ehard her turn the shower on, I heard her yelp. I inquired and she screeched, "A SPIDER!" I came to the rescue destrying the spider to which she though was both heroic and disgusting; end of theatrics...

...Until this evening, again she goes to take a shower and just as she turns on the water, I hear a loud screech and then the water goes off and she yelps once more, "DAD! ANOTHER SPIDER!" "Chill out Vickles, I'm on the way." I told her that I haven't seen a spider in ages, she must be bringing them with her, that freaked her out a bit (I kept the laughter to a minimal and to myself).

I was in the campus bookstore recently and this textbook caught my attention. I began to laugh then started rambling in rapid succession in my best infomercial voice:

  • From the publisher of the million selling text, "Plumbing Concepts for the Plumber" and "Electricity for Electricians".
  • From the company that gave us the classic tome "Carpentry for Carpenters".
  • The companion text for "Phlebotomy for the Phlebotomist"
You get the idea. Good thing I crack myself up!

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