Monday, August 13, 2012

Dots In Front of Statements

  • R.I.P. Johnny Pesky
  • R.I.P. Helen Gurley Brown
  • Kenny G is getting a divorce, he must've heard his own music for the first time and felt bad for her (LOL - come on now, that was funny-ish!)
  • The Olympics are over, and I didn't see a single second of coverage
  • Presliced apples sold to McD's and Burger king recalled - may be tainted with Listeria. That's what happens when you bring healthy things into those places
  • How about a new verse:
         I left my heart in another city
         because yours is there too
         I can't help but count the time
         till I'm back there with you
  • Did you watch the film I posted yesterday? It's pretty cool, my daughter wrote and directed it and I am so proud of her - 14 years old and first time out of the box.

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