Saturday, August 18, 2012

Happy Birthday Cuzzup! (etc.)

Today is my cousin Annalisa's birthday. I've written lots about here here on the blog, she's one of my more regular readers so me posting this is mostly because she likes dolphins and I thought the picture of the dolphin cake, plus my modifications to make it topical, are fun an I am betting she may even like it enough to not be too freaking lazy to post a comment here and let me (and all of you know).

And now for some other totally unrelated and random photos:

This photo was taken in (I believe) 2004 in the writing center on the campus where I work. As I recall there was a reception of sorts, perhaps an end of semester soiree, and there were a bunch of the regular students who used the center and one brought her little boy, whom everyone passed around to share in his cuteness; this was my time to hang with him.

I don't know when this photo was taken, and I'm betting if you are reading this, you know her name. Barbara happens to be one of the writing specialists and an adjunct professor of English at the college. She claims that this photo, taken by me, is her favorite picture of her. The picture was "lost" for a number of years and when I uncovered it last year, I make a 5x7 print and framed it then presented it to her; she was grateful. What a cool lady!

I don't know for sure where this picture came from but I think I may have been looking for cool photos and just found it one day and then saved it. I am sure I used it as a desktop background at one time.

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Cuzzup! said...

I love it!! I totally want this cake next year! Thanks Cuz! You’re the best!!