Wednesday, August 22, 2012

High School Kid

Today I took my daughter to an orientation at the high school, where her official first day of class is next Wednesday. I am nervous about so many things -

My daughter had a rough go of it in school last year. She made lots of progress toward the end of the year and she's said she's ready for a "fresh start" - I hope so.

The of course, there's the fact that she's in high school, there will be high school boys there, and the social pressures that go with high school - scared me when I went to high school, scares the heck out of me now as a parent of a girl entering high school.

Oh, and if the pressure of dealing with a girl entering high school wasn't enough, they were handing out flyers tonight for the first dance. WHAT! Already! How am I going to get through four years of this?


Radioactive Tori said...

So far, other than the tennis fiasco that is hopefully solved, high school has been great for us. I hope it goes just as well for you guys! I will say that last night was the night the parents go and follow their kids schedules and meet the teachers and I felt every bit as nervous as I did back when I was actually in high school. Luckily her teachers are great. I hope your daughter has a great time!

Chris said...

Thanks Tori. I actually went to the principal and said, "did you have to promote the first dance already!" He chuckled as did the two parents he was talking to.

Fingers crossed :)