Sunday, August 05, 2012

Monsters of Mayhem 2012

This was the main lineup for the show at the Comcast Center in Mansfield, MA. My 14 year old daughter and I ventured out on Friday arriving around 2:30, just in time to see some unsigned band on the only stage in a shaded area.

At 2:45, a band called "White Chapel" played on an alternate stage and while I thought they were really good musicians and enjoyed the music, the vocals kind of sucked - a bit too much scream with no depth or real significance. I must say the freaking mosh pit was the scariest I had ever seen - there were some nasty shit going down in there.
I do feel the need to discuss the whole mosh pit thing. I have never condoned it, not even when I was a young dude going to the shows in the eighties. I think the mosh pit is violent and unnecessary, and should be completely outlawed.

The dippin' dots stand has no relevance to the music but seeing it there was a joyful reminder of one the best days of my entire life and it made me smile so wide it hurt so good.
"Dirtfedd" was the next band and we didn't watch them so much as listen to them (eh, take'em or leave 'em I guess I would leave 'em but mostly indifferent) while checking out some of the booths at the festival. Same for "The Devil Wears Prada' (shitty-ish), "Upon a Burning Body" and "As I Lay Dying" - watched a little, walked around a little, paid attention a little. Nothing overwhelmingly good or bad, just okay at best. There were a couple of excellent mohawks along the way:

And, there was a t-shirt of a great band that didn't play this festival, but it's a band I dig a lot thanks to Tori for introducing them to me - I thought it would be fun to snap a pic of the t-shirt:

The band I wanted to see more than any other took stage at 5:25, Anthrax. I go back with Anthrax to pretty much the beginning and saw them for the first time in 1985-ish. While I rarely like to listen to bands I am going to see on the way to see them, I did bring Anthrax's 1985 album "Spreading the Disease", which features my favorite Anthrax song, "Madhouse" (which they played).
The band was the classic lineup and singer Joey Belladonna still has a great voice even after more than 25 years of belting out these songs. Their set was truly spectacular and totally made the day but it would be the end.

Following Anthrax, we headed to the main stage, which had seats!!! The first band on the main stage was a one that my daughter was looking forward to, "Asking Alexandria". I thought they kind of sucked be she liked them so I dealt with it; especially since the band that followed them, was legendary...the great Motorhead!

Motorhead is fronted by the 66 year old Lemmy Kilminster and they rocked so hard, they were so freaking awesome, that between them and Anthrax, it was like a clinic that the older folks put on for all of the younger bands. Motorhead totally blew it out of the box and when they were done, just before 8 pm, I suggested to my daughter that we leave. While Slayer then Slipknot were still to play, I don't really like either and she doesn't know either so leaving would give us the chance to avoid leaving arena congestion and traffic and, go grab some real food somewhere outside of the amphitheater where a burger was $10 and looked like a disease on a bun.

We made it to the town of Franklin in short time and hit the local Five Guys for real burgers and fries then made it back home just a bit after nine having enjoyed a great day together.

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