Saturday, August 11, 2012

Parental Pride

My daughter spent this past week at a film making camp by the New York Film Academy at Harvard University. While it was a bit of a pain in the ass driving to Cambridge every day to pick her up, it was a great opportunity for her to explore her creativity and ended up giving up some great quality time together to share in that creativity and at the end of the week, she will have created her own film and participated on some of the other film projects.

On Tuesday evening when I picked her up, she had spent two days at the camp at that point learning about the equipment and other important film making things and she was scheduled to shoot her footage on Wednesday and was panicked because she had yet to conceive an idea for her project at that point. I asked her if she had any ideas at all and she started out by thinking of things that she couldn't do, or thought she couldn't do because of her perceived limitations. I told her not to think about what you may or may not have at your disposal but the come up with an idea first then figure out how to make it happen with the resources you have to work with.

Victoria was quiet for a bit and then exclaimed she was kind of blank, so I told her I would run some ideas by her if she wanted; she agreed. I ran a few things by that seems to not phase her until I came up with an idea where there was this character that was going about their day and suddenly get word of some bad news and you get to see how it affects her. This seemed to spark some interest and then we went back and forth to develop it a bit and then she just ran with it and made it into what became the central theme of her film.

I won't go into detail here right now, I should be able to present the film in this space in a few days but until then, I'll tell you this: Friday evening I went to the screening and was so proud of what she came up with. I can't believe how beautiful my 14 year old daughter was able to develop and tell this story inside of three minutes.

In addition to making her film, she worked makeup on a fellow students Zombie film, which led us on Wednesday evening on a grocery store run to purchase some red dye and corn syrup so she can make blood, later her mom would take her to get some acrylic pains and she went off and created some interesting ideas in that film as well - the makeup work was really terrific.

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