Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Scrambled Thoughts

Most people, including myself, could probably write at length about the last few days; more accurately, some of the stuff I've heard in conversations - really deep, heavy and in some cases, brutal stuff, but this isn't the stuff you write about. I think just being able to write this, so far, has helped to diffuse some of it, if even just a wee bit, because while I said deep and heavy, some of it was way deeper, heavier and even disturbing and sad than just about anything I have ever heard. Okay, I'm done with that - and I apologize that it must remain cryptic, just know that the strong can survive - and if you somehow find your way to this post, know that you are strong, a survivor and I am so proud of you!

Two of my oldest blog friends both posted in some fashion about one of their mutual friends, whom I haven't had the pleasure of knowing, that she (their mutual friend that is) has been diagnosed with Cancer. Shit, I've had lots of tears in the past few days, even for people I don't know. "Sizzle", we share some mutual blog friends; I heard of your diagnosis and am so sorry you must deal with the horrors of Cancer. I will keep you in my prayers - Godspeed!!!

My dear blog friend Joy is having major cardiac surgery on August 13th. Please keep Joy in your thoughts.
* * * * *
Have you ever felt so much inside but had no idea how to express those feelings effectively? Ever unsure of the best way to make clear how you feel because of really bad past experiences? Ever feel like your going to explode, just ker-blong because you want nothing more than to put it out there and know that every day that you don't is another day lost and if anything, everyone knows the importance of time and living in the present?

How is it August 1st already?

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