Thursday, August 02, 2012

Stupid Verizon

Seems like the easiest transaction to get right ever - I bring in a defective box, they swap it out, I get it home, connect it, activation kicks in and done. Right? Wrong! Not because that isn't how it should have gone but because of a stupid mistake caused in part by a piece of poor programming/design work and and even more set of irrational intricacies and I am pissed (though a bit less since I bitched my way to a $56 credit on my bill).

I was at the local Verizon storefront for 25 minutes of my lunch time swapping the box. The dork (not just throwing that out there or judging, the dude was a dork and a rude-ish one at that) entering the order into the system erroneously entered it as a "by mail" order instead if an "in store" order (which is where the program screen design flaw comes in, why was it the default choice from in a store to do a mail order?). Dork-man reenters the order then instructs me to "wait a few minutes or so so that the activation kicks in".

Much time passes and it's at this time he explains the initial error in entering and that because of that, it's holding up the correct order from processing and activating the box. I told him I had to go and he told me to call him when I got home, before attaching the box, I call him hours later, first at 4pm, then after not getting him, again at 4:30 where we spoke and he said something like, "blah, blah, blah----blah, give me about 30 minutes and I will call you back."

I never get the call back, I know the store closes at 6 so I say fuck it and call Verizon tech support, explain the issue and it turns out they can't figure out how to activate the box. 40 minutes of hold with very rare updates leaves me with the discovery that the wrong order that went in had a service change date of 8/16 - which in a nutshell means that would be the earliest they could activate the box. I asked them, "Why not just cancel (or edit) the wrong order, then re-enter it correctly?" "Oh, we can't so that, you'll need to contact the store or the sales area for that. Pissed, I hang up on the asses as tech support and call the other number.

The FIOS person sees the issue and is prepared to fix it all and just when I get my hopes up, they tell me there's a note on the system from some department call some stupid name that they are working on resolving an activation issue and as such, it's locked out from everyone else. I express my frustration to FIOS person and while she is apologetic, she felt it was work crediting my account for $56.

Now we see if tomorrow I can get the box activated and just wait till I get a hold of that nincompoop dork at the store.

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