Tuesday, August 07, 2012

The Alley Gang

It had been in the works for a bit of time, so the anticipation had been at its peak. Yesterday was the day it all happened, a bunch of us from the old neighborhood back in Brooklyn got together again after many years. We met for a late lunch at Brennan & Carr, the home of the best Roast Beef sandwich in the country.

Here are many of us after lunch in front of Brennan and Carr.

Afterwards, we ended up at "The White's Residence". The Whites lived a few houses down from me. Eddie and Margie were the parents and 4 daughters, Maureen (Moe), Francine (Franny, or as my mom use to call her, Fanny - lol), Kathleen, and Patricia (Patty).

This photo was of the ladies at the White residence (now owned by Franny).

This is the back  (or "Alley" view) of the White's house. I had no idea this photo was being taken, I was scoping out the alley way.

This is my favorite photo, it all of us that showed up (except for Franny, who had to go to work), sitting on the "big hill", just like we did as kids. The wall is the same, the graffiti has changed.

It was a really great day and so cool to see everyone. There were some folks there I hadn't seen in decades and some people there that I have known for 40+ years. I hope we can do it again at some point less than decades from now.

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