Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Things Are Picking Up A Little

As the fall semester is less than two weeks from the start date, things are picking up on campus. Many, "I forgot my passwords" already along with the usual stuff. Also, every computer on campus is getting replaced, that's going to be fun!

My daughter's first day of high school is next Wednesday. Tomorrow we are going to an orientation where she'll get her final schedule, and visit all of her classrooms and get the lay of the land at the school.

I made a practice flan today (sorry for lack of a photo). I call it a practice flan because it's been years since I last made one and it's not a super easy thing to get right. This one came out okay, not great. Most of the issues are related to the physical appearance, plus, the caramel didn't come out perfect.

I found myself today more interested in how a tennis match went than ever before. I have watched many, many pro tennis matches and been entertained. However, I've never really cared so much about the outcome, just wanted a great match. Today, a dear friend's daughter was scheduled to play in her first match for the team she worked really hard to make - so this time, I actually do care about the player more than the match,

Heard today that this coming season will be the last for "The Office". It's definitely time but I always hate when one of "my shows" goes away.

That's all for now :)


Radioactive Tori said...

Today is the second match-cross your fingers that it goes much better for her! Thank you for caring do much! And for being there for me to complain to yesterday! I really appreciate it!

Chris said...

Tori- I'm always here for you...I'll be thinking good thoughts for her today as well!