Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Brain Farts

My brain is racing and I have so many tidbits going in and out, so many things I am feeling and I can't seem to wrangle them and be eloquent. I will however spit out a few things:
  • The Yankees are making me sick to my stomach.
  • I had a thorough eye exam today and there is no evidence there of any diabetes (or pre-diabetes) related or associated issues.
  • the Rolling Stones haven't had a hit record in decades and instead of a new record to celebrate 50 years, they are going with a greatest hits package and adding two new songs. COP OUT!!!
  • If I decide to self publish a Kindle book next year, something I have been contemplating, I've come up with a working title.
  • Remember the video I posted of the egg trick, the Asian woman using a water bottle to separate the yolk from an egg? I tried it today - IT WORKS!
  • The Breaking Bad cliffhanger was literally a "Holy Shit!" moment - awesome (but I hate I ahve to wait until next summer for the last 8 episodes).
  • I am a couple of episodes into season 2 of Dexter - so darn great so far.

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