Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Community College Adventure Du Jour

Of the many odd things that happen over the course of a day, the first week of the semester always has some "special" things that make you go WTF moments; here are three from today:

I'll start with the first one that comes to mind and one that maybe, just maybe on some level I can overlook - but probably won't only because it was one of many and not an isolated occurrence that (there is a slim chance) I might let go.

The setting - in the computer lab/library, dozens of people hanging out studying, working, what have you. There are tables and chairs, more loungey type seating and computer workstations - a place very obviously designed for people to be. Some dud comes up to me an my colleague and asks in the most serious voice (and an equally serious expression on his face), "can I stay here?" I almost didn't know how to respond - I sucked it up and just said, "of course, enjoy yourself."

A woman standing in the library asks my colleague, "Where is the library?" She's facing rows of book stacks, and while one of my FB friends implied that there may sadly be a generational issue where one has done all research online and never been in a library my retort is that if you are asking where the library is, you must have some idea what one is and there can't be any way you could be standing smack dab in the middle of one and not know, certainly not one such as this which looks just like a library. I am just glad that I was seated at the time of this transaction.

This was a two-fer from the same student. Fist, she comes over to me and says that she cant print her document. I asked her a few questions leading me to recognize that she is working in Microsoft Word and I told her how to get the document to print from there. Two minutes or so later, she returns and says it is still "not working" so I went over to her computer to realize she had the document in print preview and failed to actually click the giant PRINT button (the same one I mentioned a few minutes earlier that she needed to click).

After the document prints, she returns. Shows me a calendar printout and says "why is it missing August"? I told her "it prints double-sided, it's on the other side" and she turned it over, made some odd facial expression and looked at me and said, "sorry, this is my first time." WHAT? The first time she ever saw a printed page? Yikes!

Am I overreacting here?

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