Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fifteen Years

On this date 15 years ago, I packed up a 20 foot long U-Haul truck (along with help from my brother, my buddy Mike and my ex-brother-in-law Tim) and left my hometown of Brooklyn, New York to live in the suburbs of Massachusetts.

My brother drove the truck while I rode shotgun and Tim and Mike followed behind. The four hour drive went fairly quickly - I have no recollection for certain as to whether we stopped but I tend to think we didn't.

Unpacking was quicker than I expected and I had planned on ordering dinner for everyone and then putting them up for the night but they all decided to go back. And there I was, a resident of Massachusetts.

I had planned to take a few months before looking for a job just to get the lay of the land and learn my new environment. I wasn't totally unfamiliar because I had moved in with my then girlfriend whom I had dated long distance for two and a half years and came up to these parts once or twice a month. I didn't even have my own car yet, I had given my old Nissan Maxima to my sister and had planned on buying a new car. In the meantime, I had driven my girlfriend to work and then just drove around, often (in the beginning) getting lost on occasion, and just learning the roads, shortcuts, backgrounds, and where the good food is.

I bought a car about 4-6 weeks in, a 1998 Jeep Cherokee that I owned until 2009. I lived in that first apartment for 3 years, 1 1/2 with Cindy then we split and the last 1 1/2 myself. I then moved to a smaller, less expensive place in the same town where I lived for 2 years or so before buying the house where I live now.

It's been an interesting 15 years.

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