Sunday, September 30, 2012

Just Sunday

Not all that fancy a day, this post will be as boring as today was:
  1. Worked out at 6 am (Pilates today)
  2. Picked up my daughter & went to church
  3. Brunch with daughter (I had a dish called "Breakfast of Champions")
  4. Got daughter to start (and finish) her homework
  5. Football
  6. Annoyed at football, turned off game, began to grade assignments
  7. Annoyed at assignments, watched Dexter, season 4, episode 1
  8. Hung with Vickie
  9. After learning outcome of football games, rand the DVR to watch plays
  10. prepared dinner
  11. More grading
  12. More hanging with Vickie
  13. Watched Dexter, season 4, episode 2
  14. Synced iPod
  15. Here I am
Of course there was a fair amount of interstitial Facebooking and happy thoughts about special people.

As I read this the following morning, I feel I need to qualify the poor use of the word boring. The post is somewhat boring, it's just a list of stuff I did. However, I did not dislike my day, it was enjoyable in many ways, especially getting to hang out with my daughter.

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