Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Mom (and Perhaps a Touch of Dad)

Today marks the 16th anniversary of the day my mother died; it being just three days after my dad's birthday make this a difficult few days. While my parents run through my thoughts often, there are a few days a year where they are quite amplified - the anniversary of their passing and their birthday's and their anniversary).

I posted this on Facebook this morning:
I remember being startled awake by the sound of the phone ringing in the middle of the night, what seemed louder than usual as if the call on the other end warranted it (it did). Through heavy tears on the other end, "Christopher, your mother, she passed away tonight..." I expected to hear that even before I answered, not sure how I was so certain, but I was. Every day since then, my heart has bee...
n a little heavier and the world has been a little darker but I know that she's no longer suffering - something she endured way to much of in her 71 years. I miss you MOM, I hate that you never had the chance to spoil my daughter but am happy to believe that you are at rest and with dad. Carmela "Millie" Daniele, 2/18/1925 - 9/19/1996
I don't recall if I told this story about my mom on the blog but it's so funny, even if I did, it's worth telling again:
We were I think late teens or early 20's and a bunch of us were hanging out in the kitchen. Those I recall were my cousin Carol, friend (and next door neighbor) Mike, and I think my friend Richie. I think we were playing cards and joking around when my Mom came into the kitchen. Mom was not wearing her teeth, I know, it's okay to laugh!
My cousin Carol was smoking a cigarette and my somehow the topic of smoking came up and my mom was asked if she ever smoked a cigarette, which led to my cousin handing her an unlit cigarette and asking my mother to show us how she would smoke it. My mother then put the cigarette in her lips and in "taking a drag" with her lack of teeth sucked the entire cigarette in to the point where it had all but disappeared. We all began to laugh so hard that it was painful and could hardly breath and we didn't stop laughing about that for an hour. Every time we recall that story we still laugh very hard.
I moved to Massachusetts one year and one day after my mom dies. Tomorrow will be my 15th anniversary as a resident of MA. Moving day was a trip, my brother drove the U-Haul while I was riding shotgun and behind us, my then brother-in-law Tim and my friend Mike followed. We had some fun!


Radioactive Tori said...

I have been thinking about you all day and what a rough day this must be. What a sweet funny story!

Chris said...

Tori - Thanks so much, means more to me than I could adequately express at this moment.

maria said...

it's been 9 years since my mom died. sometimes it feels like yesterday and others it feels like a lifetime away. regardless i miss her every day. what a great story to tell about your mom!

Chris said...

Maria- I know what you mean. so strange how time doesn't change that.