Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Observations in a Corridor

Working where I do, where there are as many different people around, there is often much that can be observed - some troubling, some fun, a lot of other possibilities. This is simply a description of something I observed today:

A woman taking very loudly on a cell phone. Amongst what she was saying, these words were uttered, "you have to give yourself time to get to school..."

Seems like nothing to report about but she was huffing an puffing as if her last breath was near and in between every word, she was licking a twinkie as if if were a lollipop and every now and again, she would take little love bites from it as if it were the solution to her breathing problems.

Finally, she hangs up the phone, takes another lick of her twinkies and speaks out loud to herself, "Shit, I am late for class!"

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