Saturday, September 01, 2012

Parental Awkwardity

I just recently got into the series Dexter and had watched the first 7 episodes of season 1 to this point. My daughter was with me reading a book on the couch and I thought, perhaps while she's into her book, I can check out episode 8. From what I recalled from the first 7 episodes, there was only one scene that I would not have wanted to see with my 14 year old daughter in the room so there's a good chance I can make it through episode 8....right?


It wasn't to far in that a scene transitioned from your average Dexter scene to one where two characters were going at it quite loudly. While it wasn't overly graphic, the sounds made it very real and very embarrassing for this dad to be watching with previously mentioned 14 year old daughter; I felt my face turn red and almost immediately grabbed the remote to pause, take a deep breath and...

My daughter seems somewhat embarrassed as well, we both chuckled out of not knowing how else to react and she offered to leave the room so I can make it on to the next scene. She did, I did, and all was fine - but only for a little while when there was yet another sex scene - a paused immediately, we both laughed, nervously, then I said, I am just going to shut this thing off - I did.

We regained our composure and I decided that I would play it safe by watching a selection from my DVR, Top Chef Masters. Seconds into the show, they introduce the first challenge for the chefs by introducing a series of ingredients known to be aphrodisiacs that they must use to create an aphrodisiac dish which would be partly judged by famous burlesque star Dita Von Teese. I thought I was being punked! This was tame but after the Dexter thing, my kid an I just busted a gut.

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