Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Que Pasa Cristobal

After a number of recommendations over the years since the series debuted, I have recently begun watching Dexter, starting with season 1 and have gotten hooked big time. Presently, I have viewed the first 2 season and am floored with how good this show is.

My friend Dan and several others from where I grew up are good friends with the guy, Romeo Tirone, who serves as the director of photography for the series and occasionally directs episodes. Recently, Dan and his family were in L.A. visiting Romeo and after a tour of the set, they were invited by Romeo, who was directing an episode for the upcoming 7th season, the actually appear in a scene that episode - I can't wait to see it.

Work has been very busy of late and the two courses I am teaching online have begun. In fact, just before writing this post I finished grading all of the initial assignments.

I've been a bit stalled in my creative writing process, a bit of block but I am optimistic - it too shall pass.

My cousin Julian's wife was diagnoses with cancer of the colon and hey are worried it may have spread into her liver. She's going in for surgery soon and could use your good thoughts and/or prayers. Julian is understandably shaken and worried abut his wife and four kids. Hang in there Jules and Emma and kids.

Now, I wait.

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