Saturday, September 22, 2012

R.I.P. Mrs. Obarowski

Back in early August, I had the chance to meet up back in my hometown with a bunch of friends from the old neighborhood. We had a great day together but there were a number of people that were missing from the reunion.

One of our friends, Jo, had several weeks back informed us that her mom had taken ill. One of the memories I have of Jo's mom, the then Mrs. Obarowski, was that her basement was a ceramics studio. My sister and I had gone to a few of the "kid's" sessions - we pick out one of the items, we paint it then glaze it then come back to pick it up after it gets whatever it needed to get to be finished.

Jo had updated all of us on her mom's health along with the address of her rehab facility for those that might wish to write or send a card. I hadn't had contact with "Mrs. Obarowski" in decades but I thought it would be fun to send a card and a note. So I did.

I was sad that some time later, the card was returned to me stating there was no such person at the address. Confuse, I snapped a hpoto of the envelope and messaged Jo. Turns out, that Mrs. Obarowski had remarried (Mr. Obarowski had passed a while back) and had a different name. I made a new envelope and remailed the card.

Two days after mailing the card, probably the day, or within a day of when it should arrive, Jo posted news of her mom's passing.

"Mrs. Obarowski" - I was sad to hear of your illness and passing. I hope that as you no longer suffer the pains of your illness and are resting in peace, that Jo, Ed and all that knew you can find comfort in that.

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