Saturday, September 29, 2012

Runner's High

I've been trying to get outside for my workouts on Saturday mornings, especially since the temperatures outside are good and there is only a short window of such opportunity. Today was a bit damp and a touch on the chilly side, though I like that.

Something really odd happened to me and I only call it odd because I don't recall it ever happening before, ever quite feeling that way during a workout (walk/jog in this case). Right around the three mile mark, I was overcome with this feeling of peaceful elation. I was very aware of where I was and why and for that moment, there were no other thoughts, worries, emotions - there was nothing at all except that felling of pure elation.

It was very strange and lasted for a few minutes and once I became aware of it, it began to fade and I was just back out there on my power walk and life went on.

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