Monday, September 17, 2012

Triple-Chocolate Cookies - Part 1: The Process in Photos

Start with good ingredient, and of course, the right ones (I'll be doubling the recipe sheet, which will appear in the next post):
I like to measure everything out and organize it (though here the only organization is to fit them all in the photo, I moved them into a logical organization after):

A little mixin' (love my Kitchen Aid): 
Chocolate, more chocolate, butter and some heat and ooh, la, la

After adding that chocolate mixture to the mixture in the mixer and mixing them up, then folding in some flour and of course, even more chocolate - we let it sit covered to set before scooping it out onto cookie sheets (or 1.2 sheet pans with silpats in my case):

After some oven lovin', and a switch and rotate, the first batch in ready for coolin':


maria said...

Yum, they look delicious!

Chris said...

Maria - it's a great recipe