Sunday, October 14, 2012

5 Questions Answered

If you could experience any life form that was not a human of your sex, what would you pick and why?
Probably a house dog or a cat. Having had dogs in the past and cats in the past and one in the present, I constantly find myself wondering what they are thinking, what the heck is going through their mind.

Has anyone told you that you could not do something?
Of course, and I’d like to say that in every case I just said a big F U and went ahead and did it. However, when I was younger, I had far less self-esteem and took it to hear that perhaps I really couldn’t do it. It’s a pretty hurtful thing to hear.

Is there anybody dead that you'd like to talk to?
I guess the obvious answer here is my parents. I feel like I still want some validation from them and neither got to meet my daughter.

What’s the best memory that you have of your dad, while growing up?
It was mesmerizing to me how there seemed to be nothing that he couldn’t do. He grew up in Italy and didn’t come to the USA until her was close to 30 years of age. I loved hearing stories of his time in Italy and how he came to this country and started from scratch. My dad was a really smart but also a very brave man.

Have you ever done volunteer work?
Yes, many times. There is one particular time that still sticks in my mind. It was 1995 and my friend Rob called me to ask if I were interested in working an event his girlfriend was organizing on behalf of the American Diabetes Association. My mom (as well as others in my family) had been deeply affected by this disease so I was quick to say yes. Rob picked me up around 4-4:30am and we worked solid through about 7-7:30pm. I t was a long and very emotional day that brought me a great sense of fulfillment.

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