Saturday, October 27, 2012


I don't often go to the movies, I don't love going to see a movie in a theater any more. Something really odd, or at least I think odd, is that I can almost never stay awake for the full length of a movie in a theater. I have no idea why other than the obvious components of a movie theater that are conducive to sleep.
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My daughter and I had a great fun day together. We both slept in, though my idea of sleeping in was getting up around 8. She got up close to noon; by then I had worked out showered, dressed, watched last weeks SNL, and read a few chapters (I'm such a show off :).

For lunch, we went to an all you can eat sushi place and feasted on all sorts of Sushi and other Japanese style delights. We then went to the cat shelter, located in the same strip mall, and played with the kitties. We then headed to her mom's house where she had to stop in and feed her cat Nick.

We stopped home for a while and hung out with Oliver, our cat at this house and then headed to the movie theater to see Hotel Transylvania (which got me some cinematic entertainment and a nap).
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An update on the parishioner at my church that has been exposed as a pedophile, I spoke to our rector to get an update and he's been told he is not welcome in our parish. There is a crisis counseling team that will be available to those who wish to participate as a way we can all heal from this. Thus far, there have been zero reports of any issues with him and any of our current parishioners or kids.

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