Friday, October 05, 2012

Here Comes the Weekend

Note: Title of post works best when sung to the tune of the Dave Edmund's song of the same name.

I reserved a State Parks pass from the library for tomorrow so the plan is to head over to Walden Pond at least once this long weekend.

Still worse pain than I expected after my dental appointment yesterday. Up to early this afternoon, I chalked it up to simple trauma, having my jaw open for three hours. However, the inner hypochondriac/cautious person in me is wondering if perhaps there's a possibility of infection. I'll consume Ibuprofen for a day or two longer and if the pain persists, will contact the dentist for a follow up.

One of my oldest blog friends, Sprizee, is in town but her time was short and filled with work commitments so we were unfortunately unable to meet up.

Remember the heyday of blogging? what a vibrant community we had. Fortunately, I've been able to stay in touch with many of my blog friends...

As I write this, I have four more Microsoft Word, Unit C assignments to grade before I call it a night.

A very special anniversary is coming up early next week; I'll tease it for ya, it will be two years! Of course, it will be the subject of the post on that particular day.

I'll almost promise that tomorrow, I will post pics, including the ones I took when the Governor of MA visited our campus the other day. Did I mention that I managed to get the Governor of MA to let me film him talking to two of the best kids on the planet? I think I did but it was so cool of him, I'll let it go for a second mention (if indeed it is a second mention).

Back to grading...


SM said...

We did have a great community. I, too,keep in touch with pretty much everyone even though I don't regularly blog so much.

Chris said...

SM-you rock, and I'm glad we stayed sn touch