Monday, October 08, 2012

More Points

This is a panoramic view of Walden Pond shot from the main beach, which is also the main entry point. I spent a few hours on Saturday at the Pond just enjoying the closeness to nature, the spirituality of the serenity and the views and history.
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I need to go to the doctor on Thursday of this week and had planned on fasting Wednesday for blood work. However, this morning I realized I'd fasted long enough to go today and once I verified that the lab was open, off I went. My dad always use to refer to the phlebotomist as "Count Dracula"; so I now do that too (in a cutesy joking way of course - I do it in memory of my dad).
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I knocked out the penultimate episode of Dexter from Season 4 a little earlier today and plan to finish off the season later today. (Another) Great season - great show!
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Want another cool photo from Walden Pond? sure thing, I aim to please you, dear reader:
This here is near the start of the walking path around the pond, that is, if like me, you prefer to start on this end and walk around the path with the pond to your left (some go the opposite way). As you can see, the colors haven't quite popped yet, but the place is still beautiful. A couple of weeks from now it will be stunning. I am pretty sure there are at least some pics from years past floating around on this blog.
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I just spent 20 or more minutes writing a paragraph on the NFL and Breast Cancer Awareness. I erased it all because I don't think I can figure out how to word it properly so that I can effectively convey what I was feeling so I will leave it at the only point(s) that really matter:
  • Kudos for a bunch of giant man beasts being willing to do something outside of their norm to raise awareness for such an important subject
  • Do not support the Susan G. Komen foundation, as far as I am concerned, they are frauds. There are other great organizations that do great things for this cause, including The American Cancer Society.

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