Thursday, October 04, 2012

One of Those Days Off From Work Where Work Would Have Been the Better Option

I had the day off from work today, but I was still up at 5 am to work out and then get ready to drive into Boston for a dentist appointment at the BU Dental school to finally finish the last part of this freaking implant.

Normally, the commute should take 40-60 minutes factoring in rush hour; this morning - more than 90 minutes, which left me almost 15 minutes late for my appointment. The appointment itself, had me in the chair for 3 very long, sometimes painful, always uncomfortable with my jaw in horrid positions, hours. My face still hurts like hell from all of it, I actually popped a few Ibuprofen.

the drive home was relatively normal paced and I had enough time to stop for a brief lunch before my haircut appointment, where I sat in a chair again for about 40 minutes. I was worn out after this - LOL!!! I had my hair cut at a beauty school in Framingham (dental work at dental school, haircut at haircut school  I know), always a crap shoot but since I'm not all that emotional about my hair and even in the worst case, I go home and restyle it and it's fine - only $6.

I get home, chill out for a few then start grading student work and the darn power goes out (for the second time in the last few days). I get highly offended when the power goes out because I don't believe there that it should. I think there are very few exceptions where the power should go out, under very extreme conditions, I just don't thing it should go out as often as it does for what it costs to have the service.

Later, hanging with my daughter. She's on the couch deep into her notebook computer while I am watching an episode of Dester when it happened yet again, a faily explicit sex scene; I was able to hit stop quite fast though and watched the rest later.

Okay then - peace to you!

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