Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Parental Observation Post

Thus far on Tuesday's this year, my daughter would call me to pick her up from school instead of at her mom's house because she's on the yearbook committee, which meets after school. Today, she called me early to let me know she had taken the bus home to her mom's because she was feeling sick. As a parent, I felt really proud of her for making such a responsible decision...as I thought more about this over the day, it made me realize a different component of the cycle of life.

As we grow up, there are many rites of passage, turning points, and the sort. We go through them at the time but in the context of the moment in time that one is supposed to experience them. For some of them, the bigger ones, we sometimes notice our parents and/or the older generation react to those moments and often don't understand. In fact, sometimes, we even react with negative connotation at those reactions.

As a parent, I now see the difference as I bear witness to my child experiencing these moments in life, someone who is beginning to utilize the thought process at a much different level than ever before and just growing up. It's beautiful, to a point it's a little bittersweet, and often, indescribable.

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