Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Passing Through Update

The college where I work got great news from our Governor, who came to campus in person to deliver it; we were awarded $22 million toward capital developments, which will help us move toward our new campus in Metrowest as our lease in the current building is set to end firmly in the Summer of 2014. I have some great photos from the event and even got the Governor to do a short video addressing a couple of my favorite kids in the world (sorry folks, the video will stay private, but pics of the event will follow - perhaps tomorrow).
For the first time since the great Carl Yastremski did it in 1967, a major league baseball player won the triple crown (leading the league in batting average, home runs and RBI's); Congratulations Miguel Cabrera.
Special birthday wishes to my blog friend Joy. Joy is a retired teacher who lives in Tennessee. Joy's been blogging for years and recently has some major open heart surgery. All the best in your continued recovery Joy! Have fun but take it slow.
Heading to the dental school to finish work on the implant on "#20" (as the dental pros call it). I greatly appreciate saving more than $4,000 by going to the school but boy, it really took a long time (the scheduling system at this school needs some serious overhauling).

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