Saturday, October 06, 2012

Pictures from The Governor's Visit

This is a panoamic (love that feature) shot of our Framingham campus auditorium before the event began (the room filled up by the time the event started). The room is not nearly as big or nice as it looks here.

This is the President of our College, Dr. John O'Donnell. He's the 4th President technically I've worked for but the first human one, a truly great man (sorry for the blurry pic).

This is a student at our college who spoke about his experiences at MassBay and what it means to him. He did a great job and said some very powerful and important things to all of the leaders who were at the event.

This is Paul Reville, The Secretary of Education in the Commonwealth of MA.

Governor Deval Patrick...

Governor Patrick giving mad (well-deserved) props and congratulating our College President, Dr. John O'Donnell.

Post event interview (not sure of the particular media outlet).

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